When it comes to niche markets, AJI is building strong relationships with large industry partners varying from steel production, the public transport sector, vehicle and ship manufacturers as well as the food and beverage industry. AJI represents among A-class suppliers of maintenance product manufacturers chosen to meet the high Quality Standards based on our customer requirements.

Our continuous quality review, feedback and management information system encourages manufacturers to continuously improve the performance of their products.

Please find below few of the industrial process oriented grades that we are in a position to supply:

  • Compressor Oil
  • Thermic fluid
  • Textile Production Speciality Oil
  • Industrial Greases (Fire resistant, Water resistant, Food Grade, High pressure/Heavy load operations)
  • Automotive Lubricants
  • Gear and Transmission Oils (Stationery gear, Industrial gears, Automotive gears)
  • Coolants
  • Stamping and Drawing Oils
  • Rust Preventive Oils
  • Quenching Oils
  • Machine Tool Oils
  • Multi-Purpose Spindle Oils
  • Gas Engine & Turbine Oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Metal Working Fluids
    • Macro Emulsion
    • Micro Emulsion
    • Synthetic fluids
    • Neat Cutting Oil
    • Spark Erosion
    • Rolling Oils


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